Even if you’ve never heard of a VSCO girl before, you’ve probably seen the vibe: It’s a little cool, a little bohemian, with lots of laid-back attitude. When it comes to dressing, that means oversized sweatshirts over shorts, scrunchies and friendship bracelets with a Hydroflask in hand. And that vibe carries over into trendy room design too — and in a big-time, camera-ready way, since the term “VSCO” comes from a photo-editing app. That means the rooms are to be used as backdrops for video chats, Instagram photos and — when it’s safe to do it again — in-person hangouts.

These VSCO room ideas will give you a feel for the VSCO aesthetic and are perfect for teens looking to redecorate a bedroom. The great thing about it is that it is, by design, pretty easy to do: Most of the VSCO touches have the DIY look and feel to them, so it doesn’t require a total bedroom overhaul to get started. Begin with a photo-collage wall, add some interesting lighting elements, dress up the bed with some fuzzy blankets and pillows. Then, if it sticks, you can go for a top-to-bottom VSCO room in a monochromatic color palette and statement furniture.

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