Day: September 15, 2020

IMC promotes two, reorganizes leasing and leadership teams

IMC promotes two, reorganizes leasing and leadership teams

Scott Eckman


Dorothy Belshaw

ATLANTA / HIGH POINT / LAS VEGAS — International Market Centers has announced a new organizational structure for its leasing and leadership teams.

Effective immediately, Dorothy Belshaw and Scott Eckman are promoted into new executive leadership roles, and Ryan Mahoney, Julie Messner, Terence Morris and Caron Stover expand their category-specific leasing responsibilities across all IMC’s campuses.

“This restructuring of IMC’s leadership and leasing teams allows us to more effectively support the current needs of our business, differentiate the customer experience and drive more value to all constituents,” said Bob Maricich, IMC CEO. “This new organizational structure will allow us to meet the strategic challenges ahead, futureproof our business and position our markets and digital opportunities for growth in the post-COVID world.”

Under the new structure, Eckman will oversee all permanent showroom and temporary tradeshow leasing across all product categories and campuses and has been promoted to the newly created role of chief revenue officer.

In line with this change, Mahoney, senior vice president, furniture; Messner, senior vice president, home décor; Morris, senior vice president, gift; and Stover, senior vice president, apparel, will oversee category leasing for both permanent showroom and temporary tradeshow all three

6 Cash Saving Gardening Ideas

6 Cash Saving Gardening Ideas

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