From the Floor Up: Banana Manor founder leans into personality to promote newest venture

Industry veteran Scott McKearn started Banana Manor, a wholesale and direct-to-consumer rug venture based out of Louisiana.

Industry veteran Scott McKearn had an “aha” moment while watching “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the Freddie Mercury biopic, which helped guide the creation of his latest venture, Banana Manor.

In the film, McKearn noted that Mercury didn’t shine until he got on stage and let his personality come out. Along those lines, as he began developing the new brand, which offers rug and poufs for wholesale, private labeling and direct to consumer, McKearn decided to just be himself and brought lessons learned over the years while playing a role with Bramble Furniture, Dauphine Mirror Co., Flambeau Lighting, Gilded Nola and Lucas & McKearn, among others.

“My take away from it was what any artist needs to do is spend as much time in that zone. For me, I can’t sing, but my passion is concept development,” McKearn told me. “I love creating a brand and piecing together ideas and integrating them into one concept. It’s a canvas. You’re constantly tweaking and refining it and improving.”

As part of the concept, McKearn opted to go all-in on personality, naming products after 1970s and 1980s television

10 Best Sewing Kits 2020 — Best Sewing Kit for Beginners and Pros

Artyom Chuguevsky / EyeEmGetty Images

A solid sewing kit is something everyone should have on hand — there’s no need to throw away a shirt with one small tear or a missing button, just stitch it back up! Whether you’re trying to sew up some holes, make protective face masks at home, or experiment with some DIY fashion, the proper sewing kit is something you must have on hand. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread before — this is one quarantine hobby that’s easy to get started with, and it’s so satisfying to learn.

That being said, newbies should know where and when to breakout their sewing kit. If you’re looking tackle torn fabric, reattach buttons or learn the basics on how to sew, a hand sewing kit is best for you. However, if you’re looking to make clothes from scratch or start quilting, you probably want to invest in a sewing machine. For beginners to experts, here are the best sewing kits that you can buy.

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68-Piece Okom Sewing Kit

Tears, holes and missing buttons are no match for this

15 Dwelling Decor Developments For 2020

Ever puzzled what kind of intense stress Christiano Ronaldo must be going by way of every time he walks on to the sector while taking part in for the hugely common Manchester United? Beginning with the pieces of furnishings you want to reupholster, you need to begin with an idea of the home decor model you’re going for. Do you want to create an earthy look to the home or are you searching for a more contemporary look that gives new-age aptitude? There are a number of colors and patterns of cloth you may choose from, the selection based on the overall fashion of the home or the precise room. In case you are unsure of what is going to look greatest, you possibly can at all times get sample swatches of cloth to convey dwelling and examine to the decor throughout the room or the present theme of the room. This will prevent a big purchase of nugatory fabric.

The white walls and muted flooring permit the items of designer kitchen furniture to be the centre of consideration. For those who aren’t shopping for specifically themed furnishings, I recommend sticking to plenty of black or white wooden furniture, or …