Day: September 22, 2020

Online & On Top: Homies a small but powerful purveyor of pillows

Online & On Top: Homies a small but powerful purveyor of pillows

Long pillows have become a staple product for direct-to-consumer soft goods creator and retailer Homies.

It’s a smaller brand, but direct-to-consumer source Homies is starting to gain attention and traction in the marketplace.

Founded four years ago by Kiley Story, the Los Angeles-based company has a workforce of two: Story and a seamstress. But that hasn’t stopped Homies from making a splash. It caught the attention of Apartment Therapy, which called the company’s pillows a “one-and-done” product because it enables consumers to “effortlessly style your bed with just one pillow.”

Story said a lot of the attention the company receives comes from her willingness to hustle. In addition to kudos from Apartment Therapy, the brand has also drawn praise from a number of Instagram influencers.

“A lot of the featured stories I’ve gotten on the site have come from me reaching out to editors who are out there,” she said. “Whether I find them on an article about pillows or something in the home décor category, I reach out and introduce myself.”

She said the catchy name doesn’t hurt, either. And she fully leans into the play on words it creates.

“Everybody says they love the name so much. It’s