Day: September 24, 2020

Textile brand Bassett McNab returns under new ownership

Textile brand Bassett McNab returns under new ownership

A sampling of some of the new Bassett McNab styles.

Textile brand Bassett McNab, known for its traditional florals, chinoiserie and toiles that adorned many homes in the 20th century, has relaunched under the new ownership of Stout Textiles after a 20-year hiatus of collection introductions.

The 2019 acquisition and subsequent brand relaunch exactly one year later combines two long-tenured Philadelphia family textile brands. Charles Stout was one of four partners in the 1908 firm of Basset McNab & Co.

Led by creative director and industry veteran Anne Hahn-Waddell, the Bassett McNab Fall 2020 collection consists of seven distinct patterns each offered in three to six colorways with an additional 25 SKUs of supporting woven fabrics.

“Sifting through the archive images was like paging through an old dusty high school yearbook,” said Hahn-Waddell. “I remember so many of the patterns – some with dated color combinations so outrageous I had to smile. The archives definitely had a unique Basset McNab voice that, with some editing, I knew would be relevant. Honoring the original brand voice while updating the new patterns resulted in a fresh, classically modern American style, following in the legacy of design greats like Elsie de Wolfe, David