Dallas Market Center to launch new lighting show next fall

Dallas Market Center has announced a new lighting show for architects, specifiers and designers that will debut next fall.

The first ArchLIGHT Summit will take place Sept 21-22, 2021, in the Dallas Trade Mart and include nonresidential brands in addition to those already present that straddle residential and commercial markets and are part of Lightovation.

“The show’s mission is to start fresh and create something fearlessly new,” DMC said in a statement. It said its goal is to present the most important and exciting lighting products, be inclusive and create in-person experiences and dialogue not available online or at other events.

“Listening to thought leaders for design and the built environment we recognized that there is an opportunity to fill a void by creating a different sort of lighting event that simply works better,” said Cindy Morris, president and CEO of Dallas Market Center. “Starting from square one we are building a new kind of live event delivering the best products for interactive experiences, exceptional knowledge and an engaged community to help all stakeholders thrive.”

DMC is targeting a regional attendance base, but said it believes the city’s central location and accessibility is conducive to a broader geographic reach.


Marie Kondo’s Virtual Class – How to Sign Up for Marie Kondo’s Organizing Class

If your home has been brimming with clutter for far too long, Marie Kondo’s latest foray just might help you. The popular organizer, who stands by ridding your space of everything that fails to spark joy, has just launched an online course that’s available on her site, KonMari.com, for just $39.99.

While Kondo has already garnered an impressive fan base with her organizing books and hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, that showcases real people tidying under her guidance, she’s hoping to win over people who prefer a more direct teaching style. “When you reassess your belongings and organize your home, you set the stage for a huge transformation,” Kondo tells Good Housekeeping.

Organizing expert Marie Kondo

KonMari Media, Inc.

The KonMari Method™: Fundamentals of Tidying course includes 10 lessons, where Kondo breaks down exactly how to tackle different tidying tasks throughout a home. She’ll share step-by-step instructions, practical tips, and, of course, tons of visual inspiration to make organizing as stress-free as possible. Plus, there are product recommendations as well as a downloadable checklist along the way.

“People are spending more time than ever at home, so this course is an opportunity

25 Times A Green Thumb Took Their Gardening Challenge A Bit Too Far

Dwelling Garden, You’ll actually benefit from the vegetables you grow yourself. Wealthy historical Egyptians used gardens for providing shade. Egyptians associated bushes and gardens with gods, believing that their deities were happy by gardens. Gardens in historic Egypt have been often surrounded by walls with timber planted in rows. Among the most popular species planted have been date palms , sycamores, fir timber , nut bushes, and willows These gardens have been an indication of upper socioeconomic status. In addition, rich historic Egyptians grew vineyards, as wine was an indication of the upper social courses. Roses , poppies, daisies and irises might all also be found within the gardens of the Egyptians.

Classical: Ornate designs and intricate particulars are the main components of classical design. Try replacing your cupboard doorways with rich carved wood, or adding curved metal handles to cupboards and drawers. Use robust, warm lights and set it off with elaborate fixtures. You probably have any kitchen furnishings, go for wood or at least fake wooden, ideally in a deep, varnished coloration. Stacking gives old containers a new look. They will also be inexpensive & lighter weight than standard planters, requiring fewer plants & much less potting soil …

Residence Tendencies 2020

Gardening concepts and Landscape rocks will be your greatest joined instruments for an amazing creation that is far less difficult to accomplish than you ever thought. Now simply hold on there – my examine of botany at college and faculty left an awesome deal to be desired. Fortunately, you don’t want to be a degree-holding botanist so as to have a stupendous garden. What all gardeners develop to grasp though are the links between vegetation and insect life, rapidly realizing that some plants dwell well together whereas different plants needs to be in several plots if not gardens. Seeing the humble bee and butterfly flit from plant to plant, pollinating as they go, educates the gardener in the value of growing sure species that entice insect life to perpetuate a battle against bacteria and unfriendly insects to creating wholesome strains of their favorite vegetation.

Don’t waste a second searching for misplaced garden tools. Purchase trowels, cultivators, forks and pruners with bright pink or orange handles so you’ll be able to shortly spot them amid the greenery. These smart shed storage concepts can even help preserve your garden tools organized. Nematodes are a standard garden downside. They’ll severely damage all crops …