Samantha Fonseca earns ISFD scholarship

Samantha Fonseca

Samantha Fonseca, an Industrial Design student at Appalachian State University, has been named the International Society of Furniture Designers’ Foundation Scholarship recipient for the upcoming academic year.  The scholarship will help offset tuition and other fees for the senior majoring in furniture design.

According to Catina Roscoe, leader of the ISFD Scholarship team, Fonseca was selected because she “incorporated creativity and uniqueness of thought in her designs while making them very relevant for today’s consumer lifestyles.”

John Conrad, executive director of ISFD noted,  “A product designer’s job is to create something that is not only beautiful but is appealing to consumers. Her body of work did just that.”

The ISFD Pinnacle Scholarship was established in 2010 by the ASFD Board of Directors with the instrumental help of long-time members Richard and Catherine Frinier to support gifted student designers from schools all across the country. Currently, the scholarship pays $2,500 and is awarded to one student exhibiting outstanding creativity, innovation and technical skill.  Earlier this year Fonseca also received the International Furnishings and Design Association Ruth Clark Scholarship for Furniture Design.

Fonseca, who hails from Nags Head, N.C., will be honored at the 10th annual Night of Luminaries

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