Eurofase unveils Function, its latest catalog

Eurofase’s Mucci lighting is featured in its new Function catalog.

Canadian lighting manufacturer Eurofase announced that Function, its newest catalog, is live.

The volume encompasses architectural lighting fixtures across all categories such as modular systems, circuit board extrusions, mini profiles, recessed multiples, recessed, track, wall and ceiling mounts as well as mirrors and exterior lighting. It is curated with photography which showcases the range and versatility of their systems and pieces.

Highlights include the architectural profiles and modular systems that provide infinite functional design opportunities to support applications such as Commercial and Retail spaces and features the Mucci — a new fully customizable minimalist system for lighting  that was released in July; recessed Luminaire offering that is made to order, with many featuring Bridgelux, Samsung and ERP components; as well as a wide selection of LED mirrors and outdoor collections, both with sleek and modern designs.

Eurofase’s Function catalog is available online at

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