Day: October 17, 2020

Design Intelligence: The changing face of post-pandemic design

Design Intelligence: The changing face of post-pandemic design

Defined home office spaces, like this design by Kristine Paige, serve as a dedicated workspace. French doors cut off noise from other areas in the home.

The home has become more important in our everyday lives.

People are working from home, schooling from home and shopping (even more) from home as the world continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As spaces take on more purpose, interior designers say their services have been in more demand as their clients seek help to make the most of their spaces.

As home designs change post-pandemic, we wanted to see how designers are rising to meet the prospects and challenges of creating multi-use living and working spaces, where they think new opportunities exist within the home structure, and if this new way of life will see a decline in the ubiquitous open floor plan. Their answers follow.


What do you see as the biggest change in post-pandemic home design?

Libby Langdon, Libby Langdon Interiors, New York: The biggest change I see is folks who never worried about what their homes looked like before are really starting to care now, and I see that as great news for all of us in the