Bed Bath & Beyond names new GMM for bed, bath and home decor

UNION, N.J.—Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. has appointed a former fashion executive to oversee its bed, bath and home décor categories.

Elizabeth Meltzer has been named senior vice president, general merchandising manager for those categories. She joins the retailer’s leadership team Nov. 2 where she will oversee the development of the chain’s owned brands “to build authority and relevance in the home market” and accelerate the company’s sourcing program, Bed Bath said. She will report to Joe Hartsig, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, and president of Harmon Health and Beauty Stores.

Meltzer most recently served as senior vice president of merchandising at The Gap where she built a global assortment across all divisions. Additionally, she has led merchandising strategies at several other well-known retail and consumer brands, including Loft, Uniqlo, Madewell and Calvin Klein.

“We’re developing a customer-centric assortment that builds on our authority in the home market through greater differentiation, inspiration and value,” said Hartsig. “Elizabeth’s experience developing brands and effective omnichannel product strategies for some of the world’s leading fashion retailers brings new expertise to our team that will accelerate our transformation and make it easier for our customers to feel at home with Bed

25 Easy Houseplants – Easy To Care For Indoor Plants

OlgaMiltsovaGetty Images

Don’t let those fickle fiddle leaf figs fool you. Not every houseplant requires a natural green thumb and extensive gardening expertise. These hardy indoor species can survive and even thrive despite serious neglect.

“Buy something that likes to live the way you do,” advises Gwenn Fried, manager of the horticulture therapy program at NYU Langone. When you’re working with a dark room, give low-light options like pothos, prayer plants, and dracaena a go. If too many rays has shriveled your plants in the past, opt for sun lovers like yucca, jade, and ponytail palm. Peace lilies and Chinese evergreen can handle the well-meaning over-waterer. If you’re the set-it-and-forget-it type, ZZ plant, kalanchoe, and philodendrons might be more your speed.

Get more plant inspiration and care tips below from horticultural experts, but if you’re looking for true no-maintenance foliage, check out the best artificial plants you can buy. Their plastic leaves will never go brown, no matter how hard you try.

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