Pier 1 relaunches as online-only site

NEW YORK—Pier 1 has returned—albeit in an online-only form.

Parent company Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) officially relaunched the 58-year-old home furnishings retailer after purchasing the brand this July. Pier 1 closed its brick-and-mortar locations this year as part of its bankruptcy plan.

“At REV, we transform beloved brands like Pier 1 into Internet-first companies positioned for robust growth,” said Tai Lopez, executive chairman and co-founder of REV. “Central to our playbook is retaining the brand’s strengths. It’s why we retained veteran buyers from Pier 1 to reengage with vendors and bring back the merchandise our customers know and love.”

REV acquired the rights to Pier 1’s trademark name, intellectual property, data and various e-commerce related assets for $31 million. It also retained about 15 of the brand’s buying, marketing and customer-support personnel, it said, and revamped the site’s functionality and look. It also moved Pier 1’s team to Dallas from Fort Worth, Texas.

“We have made tremendous progress in revamping the site, with much-improved discovery, filtering and search capabilities,” said Shayan Zadeh, Pier 1’s CEO. Zadeh is a serial entrepreneur and cofounded and led dating platform Zoosk, which sold for $298 million in 2019, a release said. “In addition

Perts – The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

What’s under your feet (or however you get around) is as important as anything when it comes to home. That’s why this fall, we collaborated with The Home Depot on an A to Z guide that’ll give you the confidence to make flooring choices you’ll love. Check out the A to Z handbook here.

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If you’re accustomed to figuring out or completing home improvement projects on your own, knowing when to ask for help can, er, be a challenge. But one small slip-up, or one warning sign ignored could potentially snowball into a much bigger issue down the road, which might not only derail your project, but put your whole house in danger — particularly when you’re talking about flooring.

The Home Depot has a team of licensed flooring installers who can help with anything from carpet to hardwood. But it’s helpful to know what situations might constitute a red flag — here are 5 problems to be aware of that could necessitate help from experts (be they an exterminator or contractor).

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Problem: You’re removing potentially hazardous old flooring

Many types of flooring and flooring adhesives common in the mid-20th century didn’t adhere to the environmental and health-conscious practices