Progress Lighting offers Lightovation preview

Progress Lighting’s Pivot LED features angled arms that rotate around a central axis and can be adjusted to complement the décor in a room.

Lighting fixture manufacturer Progress Lighting released a sneak peek of its offerings for the Jan. 7-10 edition of Lightovation, held at Dallas Market Center.

A staple of the showroom will be fixtures that incorporate natural elements and finishes alongside woven and wood accents. Hedgerow and Thorpe demonstrate the modern influence of vintage farmhouse, with a touch of urban sophistication.

Visitors will preview finishes that incorporate a shift back to a “new” traditional look that fuses a familiar, classic look with modern and cleaner lines that are less embellished. Fixtures on display will seem familiar due to classic undertones but will feature refreshing elements and finishes. Black and gold finishes will overtake bronze and grow significantly in popularity. The Kellwyn Collection with a black finish showcases the balance between modern and traditional.

Progress Lighting will launch a series of LED fixtures that feature bold architectural forms that captures the imagination and inspire endless design opportunities. Pivot LED is an example of the “LED Fashion” that will be on display in the Decorative area of the Progress Lighting

The Secret To Busting Any Holiday Stain

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover and Color Booster

The after-hours of a holiday dinner — even an intimate one — often conjures the image of a home ransacked: Crumbs everywhere, stray linens, piled dishes, gaggles of dirty glasses. And usually, there are stains: often on the table, sometimes in the folds of clothes, and even in “how did that get there?” spots.

You’ve probably got all sorts of strategies to make clean-up quick and easy — but stains can be troublemakers. The secret to busting them? Clorox 2® for Colors Stain Remover & Color Brightener to the rescue! Watch the video above to see how it works to keep fabrics fresh all holiday season (and year!).

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Uncover The Greatest Of Kitchen Storage Ideas At Fevicol Design Ideas

The principle contributing think about that cramped feeling one will get in small areas is clutter. Add to romantic ambiance with subtle candle holders. Foggy glass candle holders convey mushy light to your living room or master bedroom. Set the temper for a romantic evening or unwind with a e-book with the smooth glow of candles. Cluster three candle holders of varying heights together to create extra visible interest. Dill is used in pickling. It can also be added to fish, cottage, cheese, cream cheese, salad dressings, and most greens. The dried seed will be added to bread dough for a caraway-like flavor.

CARPENTRY NAILS – To keep minimize worms from consuming your tomato vegetation, place an eight or ten penny nail (8d or 10d – the d stands for penny) in the floor subsequent to the plant. Lets transfer on into the dreaded kitchen, a spot that seems to be particularly susceptible to that closed in feeling. If one can afford it, a skylight is extremely helpful in offering mild and airiness. White cabinets and light-weight neutral counter tops with only a few typically used items strategically placed can add a variety of house to the room.

Gardening would …

Designing A Rustic Kitchen

Create an area you love. As perennial herbs from the Mediterranean, lavender, thyme and sage all desire sunny, dry situations. You’ll want to present them a hard prune in late spring to maintain the crops compact. Management: Some roses develop with wild abandon. Trimming rose bushes removes diseased and lifeless stems and canes and reduces the overall dimension of the plant. Hold them within bounds by pruning their tips or entire canes anytime. Colder evenings produce sick-fashioned, mottled blossoms and yellowing foliage that often begins to fall off. Rose hips, which might interrupt the following blooming cycle, could result if spent blossoms aren’t eliminated.

Discover stylish residence decor and accents for any room of your property. Search for ornamental pillows for sofas, chairs and loveseats, and add out of doors pillows to patio furnishings. Mirrors, wall artwork, prints and unique art gown up empty walls and supply pops of color. Think about placing statement bowls and vases on console tables, side tables, bookcases and buffets for a refined finish. Create a warm environment with the flickering light of candles and lanterns. Take into account these room-particular decor concepts to accessorize your entire residence.

My glass-prime eating desk and large plastic …