The Inside partners with designer Sheila Bridges

The Harlem Toile de Jouy pattern from designer Sheila Bridges is now available on benches, bed frames, sofas, ottomans, screens and a cabana chair – courtesy of The Inside.

NEW YORK – The Inside, a direct-to-consumer website offering fast-fashion for the home, has launched its newest exclusive collaboration with designer Sheila Bridges that features her Harlem Toile De Jouy pattern now available on five new colorways.

Sheila Bridges

“I have always wanted to see my design on furniture that was affordable, and now, thanks to my latest collaboration with The Inside, that will be possible,” said Bridges. “After spending so much time at home due to the pandemic, I realize more than ever how incredibly important it is to surround yourself with furniture that brings you joy but won’t break the bank. I love the fact that The Inside’s furnishings are customizable but without the long lead times. The colorways are brand new and inspired by many of the schemes that I live with in my own homes.”

Bridges founded her own interior design firm in 1994. As a visual storyteller, Bridges creates layered interior environments and thought-provoking home furnishings that reflect and embody her own passion for design.

A Lifestyle Editor on How Personal Items Can Inspire You To Decorate in New Ways

Good Housekeeping’s Associate Lifestyle Editor Amanda Garrity loves color and has an eye for smart design when it comes to storage. This is no more clear than in her apartment on New York’s Upper East Side, where she harmonizes her organizational needs with the delight of display. It’s a colorful, relaxing space with plentiful but meticulously curated nooks for comfort items like seasonal candles and holiday decorations (even more important now that she’s working from home every day).

Amanda recently shared with writer Audrey Wachs how the stories of two beloved items — one new, and one she’s been toting around for years — reflect her space’s style, and why personal items can routinely inspire you to decorate in new ways.

AW: How have you turned your apartment into a place that really feels like home, especially at this time?

AG: Now that I’m working from home, it is so important to have a space that isn’t cluttered. You have to find a way to work with however much space you have, and most people in New York have so little space! I live in a flexible-bedroom setting so I’ve had to be very creative with, for example, using

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