How to Remove Hard Water Stains Quickly & Easily on Toilets, Showers and More

Hard water stains not only leave behind unsightly residue, making your glasses and shower doors look cloudy, but those minerals that cause white spots can also slow and eventually clog showers and faucets. Knowing how to remove hard water stains quickly and easily can cut down on the elbow grease required to remove those chalky marks and help prevent build-up to keep your showers and faucets flowing freely.

Helping to keep your house sparkling clean is a top priority here at the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. We test cleaning products year-round and find the best methods to help keep your home spotless, including removing hard water stains. And since nothing’s worse than cleaning your crystal only to have spots left behind, we’ve put together our best tips to remove hard water stains from every surface of your home.

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What is hard water?

First, you might be wondering what exactly hard water is and why it causes stains. When water contains high levels of minerals, such as magnesium,

Vegetable Gardening Tips

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Whether you’re in search of information, able to take your first step into natural gardening or planning your subsequent plot – you are in the proper place. We’re proud to offer a complete vary of organic gardening merchandise, from seeds & vegetation to equipment & presents. Water as mandatory during dry intervals. Usually, herbs want about 1 inch of water per week, either from rainfall or from irrigation. Mulch will help conserve …

French Heritage revamps its website

HIGH POINT – Luxury furniture resource French Heritage has revamped its website as part of an effort to highlight its custom capabilities for designers and retailers alike.

The site,, addresses three main areas of the company’s business, including contract, residential and private label. Links within each area showcase custom projects across a mix of categories including bedroom, dining room and living room.

In addition, there are images of showroom samples for sale and a virtual tour of the High Point showroom at 1638 English Road.

The company is in the process of liquidating samples ahead of the June High Point Market. The mix includes furniture, art and accessories. For more information on the offerings as well as the company’s custom capabilities, contact Jacques Wayser at (323) 707-6282.

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