Day: January 26, 2021

Nancy Fire opens niche design firm

Nancy Fire opens niche design firm

Nancy Fire

New York – Designer Nancy Fire is off to busy start this year.

The trend authority, creative director and co-founder of Design Works International has officially launched her new firm, Nancy Fire Design. The new, multi-disciplined venture offers niche services tailored to clients’ evolving design needs amid the pandemic – including  interior design, product development, retail design conceptualization, trend research, color consultation and more.

Fire described the new business as “a think tank studio founded on customization.”

She continued: “Today more than ever, clients require astute attention to their individual businesses and bespoke design services that meet their unique demands.”

In addition, Fire this month has been appointed to boards of directors for two industry organizations:

The launch of her new business syncs with Fire’s appointment this month to the 2021 board of directors of two key industry organizations: Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) and the Bienenstock Furniture Library research facility. Fire also serves on the advisory boards of Fashion Institute of Technology and the Oswego State University of New York School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA).

“I feel very blessed in my career experience, and in gratitude I want to give back to the community

Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

There’s Gardening after which there is Landscaping, they each involve planting and the use of out of doors elements; I guess the query could be is it gardening or landscaping? The neglect-me-nots came from my 86-yr-previous maternal grandmother Jean, my final remaining grandparent. They had been the first thing I planted in this garden, four years ago. I’ve lived in the flat for nearly a decade, however it was only in the summer of 2016 that we finally found the power and enthusiasm to clear the 8ft-high knot of brambles. I used to be suffering from agoraphobia because of put up – traumatic stress dysfunction , and my world had shrunk. So my then boyfriend, now husband, constructed me a garden. During that 12 months, when I was frightened on a regular basis, this sanctuary turned my total world. And so, through the pandemic, it has come to be again.

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