10 Herbs to Grow Inside Year-Round

A sunny windowsill is all you need to grow the kitchen garden of your dreams. Many of your go-to herbs like parsley, basil, and thyme will thrive indoors with the right care. Keep the harvest season going all winter long and flavor your favorite soups, veggies, roasts, and more with a never-ending supply of fresh-picked leaves.

Get the full details on how to best start, care for, and use your indoor herb garden below with 10 great plant varieties for nurturing inside. With the right amount of water and sunshine, you can skip the weeding and get straight to harvesting.

How to Grow Herbs

As a general rule of (green) thumb, place your herbs in a spot that gets at least six hours of sun daily. To test the strength of sun, Bonnie Plants suggests that you turn off all lights on a sunny or partly sunny day, and periodically check to see how natural sunlight there is.

In addition to sunlight, all herbs need to be planted in pots with good drainage. If you’re concerned that the drainage holes will ruin your tabletop or windowsill, use a saucer or liner to catch any excess water. For specifics on watering

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Home Garden, You’ll really benefit from the vegetables you develop your self. Consider your weather circumstances and the composition of your soil to find out when you must water. Clay soil dries out more slowly than sandy soil. Sunny, windy circumstances dry out soil extra quickly than cool, cloudy climate. Nonetheless undecided? Really feel the soil 3 to four inches down from the garden or container surface. If it feels dry, it is time to water. It is essential to do that even on rainy days, because sometimes rain water will run off reasonably than soak in to the soil, which does nothing to your garden.

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