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Bed Bath & Beyond shares consumer study results

Union, N.J. – Many consumers are looking forward to establishing new holiday traditions this year, according to research commissioned by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Despite the pandemic, 67{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} of Americans believe it is more important than ever to celebrate the holidays and 63{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} say they are filled with feelings of hope and excitement for the season. Most people (54{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are also embracing new traditions.

In addition, 21{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} are celebrating the December holidays at home for the first time, and 54{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} can see themselves carrying new holiday traditions they make this year into future holiday seasons.

“The holidays are going to look different this year, but Americans are excited to be at home and determined to enjoy the present, even if that means celebrating traditions with a twist,” says Cindy Davis, EVP and chief brand officer of Bed Bath & Beyond and president of its Decorist division.

Additional data points from the survey:

Half of those who are staying home this year say they are excited about it, with Millennials (61{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) the most excited to celebrate at home.

Nineteen percent plan to cook their first Thanksgiving dinner and 15{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} will try preparing a new holiday recipe they’ve never tried before for their family, something more men (18{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are excited about trying than women (13{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}).

Nearly a quarter (23{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are taking the festivities outside, with even more (28{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) having a new holiday tradition in mind: planning an outdoor hot cocoa bonfire. To keep things merry no matter the weather, many (15{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are investing in heaters, fire pits, outdoor furniture, or other items.

When it comes to decorating, 22{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} are planning to start earlier and 29{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} plan to put up more decorations than they have in the past.

About one in five (17{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}), or 42 million Americans, have already started putting up their decorations. City dwellers (29{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are much more likely to have jumped in than those who live in suburban (12{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) or rural (11{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) areas.

Close to three in five (57{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) will purchase at least one new item this year to help make the holidays special. Among them, 57{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} plan on buying holiday-themed decorations.

Nearly 40 million Americans plan to celebrate the holidays with their family virtually for the first time. About two in five (39{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) are expecting to video chat with family during their usual festivities and 28{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610} are willing to try opening gifts with loved ones virtually this year. Others are planning to watch a classic movie together over video chat (12{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) or host a virtual event (12{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}). Three in 10 (30{6e11cad7ac0545e2324fbf6d445e3b83c9482a898fa074d95dae34b306dc1610}) say video chatting or Facetiming with long-distance family and friends will make the holidays feel more special.

The online survey was conducted by Kelton Global and involved 1,003 people age 18 and older.







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