HFPA makes decision on March home textiles market: Virtual

HFPA makes decision on March home textiles market: Virtual

New York – New York Home Fashions Market Week, scheduled for March 22-25, will take place virtually – just as the recently completed September market week did.

The Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA) said several factors went into its decision about whether spring market 2021 could be held in person. HPFA president Jeff Kaufman outlined them in a letter to members:

  • The difficult travel and tourism situation in New York is projected to go at least into the first quarter of next year.
  • Many retailers will not be back in their offices until at least January, making it likely that their travel restrictions will remain in place through the first quarter.
  • Manufacturers need to make decisions quickly on showroom space and travel plans.

“We have also been watching what is going on with other trade shows,” said Kaufman. “The 2021 Toy Fair has moved from February to May, and the Inspired Home Show has moved from March to August. All signs pointed to not being able to meet in-person in March.”

Given all those considerations, the HFPA board of directors decided to make the call to move to a virtual format now rather than push the decision out, he said.

“While we all want to be able to return to an in-person market as soon as possible, the safety of our retailers, guests and members is our primary concern, and moving the March Market to a virtual format makes the most sense at this time,” he added.

The HFPA board will communicate any additional plans for spring market week as they become available.

The platform for the virtual September market week remains open through Oct. 9.

Fall market 2021 will take place later than usual, from Oct. 4-7, so as not to conflict with the Jewish holidays.

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