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Norwalk to exhibit at High Point Premarket for first time

Custom upholstery manufacturer Norwalk Furniture will make its debut at High Point Premarket, Sept. 14-15.

This marks the first time the company has exhibited at the event, which takes place the month before the full market in October. The company made the decision to open its showroom to address pent-up demand for custom upholstery in the marketplace and as a courtesy to retailers who may not attend the October event, which draws larger crowds.  

“Having just wrapped up the Las Vegas Market, we found that while attendance was down, we had a steady stream of appointments with our customers and strong order commitments, as a result of various market cancellations earlier this year,” said Caroline Hipple, president of Norwalk Furniture “Those cancellations have created pent-up demand, particularly for domestic custom upholstery, and we want to make ourselves as accessible – and as safe – as possible for our customers.

“As a domestic manufacturer, we have the raw materials in stock and the capacity to ship in less than 40 days, allowing us to expedite orders to meet marketplace demand quickly,” she added.

Hipple noted that retailers and designers interested in visiting the showroom at Premarket can make exclusive appointments to shop unaccompanied, through a private tour, creating an individual experience and enhancing the safety for all involved.

“From our most recent experience in Las Vegas, we found that making pre-scheduled appointments allowed us to provide our customers with a positive, productive and most importantly – safe – visit,” said Hipple, “We want to encourage our dealers to visit us at either Premarket or Fall Market – whenever they feel most comfortable – so that we can help them bridge the gap for custom upholstery with a 40 day lead-time.”

Norwalk Furniture will exhibit  in its showroom located at IHFC – M108.

Lauren Roses is Home Accents Today’s product editor, responsible for selecting and compiling product and trend stories, and for overseeing product submissions and coverage of intros and market debuts. Lauren studied at the University of Arizona and has lived in San Diego, California and New York City. Prior to joining Home Accents Today, she worked in marketing and project management for several prominent interior design and real estate professionals. In early 2018 Lauren moved back to her home state of North Carolina where she enjoys reading, animals, hiking and spending time with family.

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